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Our process:

  • Our photographers capture your images using the  "RAW" setting in their cameras. By doing this, each image contains all of the original information in the picture file that the camera captured. JPG captured images are modified in the camera and information is discarded before we adjust the photo! JPG captured images have very limited adjustment ability!

  • All of the RAW images are then imported into an application called Lightroom. 

  • Each photo is reviewed and adjusted to meet your basic expectations for exposure, composition, color balance and subject matter.

  • We add creative effects by duplicating your original color photo, then adding adjustments like Black and White, Sepia tones, Misty edges, soft focus and many others.

  • Finally, we export the raw images and then convert the adjusted photos to JPG format. You will need the JPG image to have the photo printed or for use on Social Media.

What happens behind the scenes after your wedding or event is photographed? We think you will be surprised! Most people ASSUME this is standard practice BUT IT IS NOT!  This is important as it directly affects the quality of your final images!

Because Studio One® is a Professional Photography studio. We don't just snap the pictures and burn your jpg images on a DVD to give to you the same evening. Up to 8 Hours are spent in the studio reviewing, adjusting and preparing your high resolution photos of a lifetime! Learn about what we do that other photographers don't bother with! Here's what happens behind the scenes!

We Photograph your wedding in RAW File format. This is important!

  • It certainly isn't the easiest and fastest, but it gives you the best quality image possible!
  • No short cuts are taken at Studio One Photography Naperville! 
  • It takes us anywhere from 2 hours to 8 hours to review your entire set of images....one by one each of your RAW images are processed in our State of the Art Apple computers and software. Once processed your images are then converted to JPG Format.

I know many professional photographers who do not shoot in Raw for one of two reasons:

1.) they don’t know how to deal with the photos after the job.

2.) they don’t want to take the time to process the images afterward.

Here's a full explanation of RAW VRS JPG if your interested! (Just click)  Please keep in mind that the images we give you for download have been converted from RAW to JPG. The JPG file format is the universally accepted digital picture file type.